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McKearin books, Dyott - 200 Years --- Numbers 1-5

# TitleAuthor TypePagesEditionYear
1Bottles, Flasks and Dr. Dyott Helen McKearin HC w/DJ1601ST1970
2American Bottles & Flasks Helen McKearin-K. Wilson HC7791ST1978
3American Glass George and Helen McKearin HC w/DJ63422ND1941
4The Story of American Historical Flasks Helen McKearin SC701ST1953
5200 Years of American Blown Glass Helen and George McKearin HC w/DJ382NS1950

Klamkin - Cleveland bottle books --- Numbers 6-12

#TitleAuthor TypePagesEditionYear
6The Collector's Book of Bottles Marian Klamkin HC w/DJ2481ST1971
7Bottle Collecting in New England John P. Adams SC1201ST1969
8The Illustrated Guide to Collecting Bottles Cecil Munsey HC w/DJ3081ST1970
9Antique Bottle Finds in New England Bates and Chamberlain SC801ST1968
10Bottles...for the Beginning Collector Stewart and Cosentino SC1281ST1976
111000 Fruit Jars-Priced and Illustrated Bill Schroeder SC735TH1999
12Bottle Pricing Guide Hugh Cleveland SC2493RD1988

Richmond Beers - Common bottles bottle books --- Numbers 13-19

#TitleAuthor TypePagesEditionYear
13Richmond Beers Morris and Johnson HC2402ND2000
14Bottled in Richmond Vernon Grant SC2541ST1989
15Antique Bottles - Washington, D.C. Area Potomac Bottle Collectors SC983RD1995
16The Encyclopedia of Collectibles (B=bottles) Time Life books HC1601ST1978
17Bottle Rush USA Lynn Blumenstein SC1841ST1966
18Antique Bottles (signed) Marvin and Helen Davis SC621ST1967
19Common Bottles (signed) Nelson and Marna Neal SC1121ST1975

Wilson - Eastern bottle books-Vol.1-4 --- Numbers 20-26

#TitleAuthor TypePagesEditionYear
20Bottles on the Western Frontier Rex L. Wilson HC w/DJ1441ST1981
21Patent - Proprietary Medicine Bottles (signed) Joseph K. Baldwin HC w/DJ5401ST1973
221200 Bottles Priced John C. Tibbitts SC1645TH1967
23Eastern Bottles Price Guide (cobalt cover) Carlo and Dot Sellari SC117Vol. 11969-70
24Eastern Bottles Price Guide (amber cover) Carlo and Dot Sellari SC130Vol. 21970
25Eastern Bottles Price Guide (black cover) Carlo and Dot Sellari SC125Vol. 31971
26Eastern Bottles Price Guide (green cover) Carlo and Dot Sellari SC122Vol. 41972

Kovel bottle books - 3-12 editions are pictured --- Numbers 27-39

#TitleAuthor TypePagesEditionYear
27The Offical Bottle Price List-No PIC Kovel SC2532ND1971
28The Offical Bottle Price List-No PIC Kovel SC219Revised 2ND1971-73
29The Kovels' Official Bottle Price List Kovel SC2203RD1975
30The Kovels' Complete Bottle Price List Kovel SC2204TH1977
31The Kovels' Complete Bottle Price List Kovel SC2005TH1979
32Kovels' Bottles Price List Kovel SC2316TH1982
33Kovels' Bottles Price List Kovel SC1947TH1984
34Kovels' Bottles Price List Kovel SC1678TH1987
35Kovels' Bottles Price List Kovel SC2149TH1992
36Kovels' Bottles Price List Kovel SC23110TH1996
37Kovels' Bottles Price List Kovel SC26011TH1999
38Kovels' Bottles Price List Kovel SC25512TH2002
39Kovels' Bottles Price List-No PIC Kovel SC23913TH2006

Pepsi:Cola, Mountain Dew, collectibles and children's bottle books---Numbers 40-45

#TitleAuthor TypePagesEditionYear
40Pepsi:Cola Bottles (signed) James C. Ayers SC144Vol. 11995
41Pepsi:Cola Bottles & More (signed) James C. Ayers SC173Vol. 22001
42Mountain Dew Collectibles Zafft and Tromp SC112Vol. 1 1951-762001
43Pepsi:Cola Collectibles Bob Stoddard HC w/DJ256NS2002
44Those Bottles (childrens) M. L. Miller HC30NS1994
45The Bottle Family (childrens) Isabel Proudfit HC w/DJ38NS1938

ODell's - Fike's bottle books---Numbers 46-53

#TitleAuthor TypePagesEditionYear
46Digger Odell's-Bitters John Odell SC123Vol. 21998
47Digger Odell's-Colognes, etc. John Odell SC71Vol. 61995
48Illust. Price Guide of Ant. Bottles Carlo and Dot Sellari HC432NS1975
49Fruit Jars-A Collectors' Manual... J. H. Toulouse SC148NS1977
50Official Price Guide to Bottles Jim Megura SC46412TH1998
51Bottle Collecting in America John P. Adams SC136NS1971
52Handbook for the Bottle-ologist Richard E. Fike SC484TH1969
53Guide to Old Bottles-Contents-Prices Richard E. Fike SC483RD1969

Tutton's - Van den Bossche's bottle books---Numbers 54-60

#TitleAuthor TypePagesEditionYear
54Udderly Delightful (Milk and related) John Tutton SC2182ND1994
55American Sarsaparilla Bottles John DeGrafft SC1581ST1980
56Great American Pontiled Medicines Frederick Nielsen HC w/DJ1351ST1978
57Bottles ID. and Price Guide Michael Polak SC5084TH2002
58Bottle...Handbook & Pricing Guide John T. Youmt SC1211ST1971
59Poison Bottles Collectors Guide Roger L. Durflinger SC481ST1972
60Antique Glass Bottles Their History... Van den Bossche HC w/DJ4391ST2001
61Official Price Guide to Bottles-No PIC Jim Megura SC46513TH2000
62Baltimore Bottle Book-No PIC The Baltimore A.B.C. SC1842ND2002
63Warner's Reference Guide (signed)-No PIC Ojea and Stecher SC261ST1998
64Old Bottles of the Virginia Peninsula-No PIC Fred Rawlinson SC1451ST1968
65For Bitters Only (signed)-No PIC Carlyn Ring HC5431ST1980
66For Bitters Only Up-Date and Price Guide-No PIC Carlyn Ring SC116NS1984
6720th Ann. Ed. Ohio Bottles-No PIC Ohio Bottle Club, Inc. SC438NS1989
68Bottle Houses...Prisbrey (childrens)-No PIC M. E. Slaymaker HC w/DJ32NS2004
69Ketchup Pickles Sauces 19th Cent. Food-No PIC Betty Zumwalt HC w/DJ480NS1980
70Civil War Period Bottles and Jars-No PIC Mike Russell SC1121ST1988
71Pike's Peak Gold-No PIC Eatwell and Clint III HC w/DJ2281ST2000
72A Bit About Balsams (signed)-No PIC Betty Blasi SC1751ST1974
73Dr. Pepper Collectible Bottles (signed)-No PIC Ray H. Duncan SC1501ST2003
74Fruit Jars Red Book 9-No PIC Douglas M. Leybourne, Jr. SC4061ST2001
75Digger Odell's-Flasks-No PIC John Odell SC63Vol. 31995
76Udderly Beautiful-No PIC John Tutton SC1761ST19--
77A Treasury of American Bottles-No PIC William C. Ketchum, Jr. HC w/DJ2241ST1975
7819th Century Medicine In Glass-No PIC Bill and Betty Wilson SC1471ST1971
79The Mouth-Blown Bottle-No PIC Grace Kendrick HC w/DJ2001ST1968
80Collector's Price Guide to Bottles,... No PIC Marvin & Helen Davis HC w/DJ2081ST1974
81Bottled In Petersburg 1852-1930... (signed)-No PIC Vernon Grant HC851ST2005
82Millville Glass: The Early Days-No PIC Virgil S. Johnson HC w/DJ1281ST1971
83...Bottles Old & New-No PIC Dot & Carlo Sellari SC4404TH1979
84The Bertrand Bottles - A Study Of...-No PIC Ronald R. Switzer SC1001ST1974
85Spirits and Medicinal Bottles Of Bristol, Tn.- Va.-No PIC Charlie Barnette SC1181ST1995
86Grand Old American Bottles-No PIC Dr. Larry Freeman HC w/DJ5031ST1964
87Civil War Bottles-No PIC Ken Parks SC1121ST1978
88The South Carolina Dispensary - A Bottle...-No PIC Phillip Kenneth Huggins SC2151ST1997
89Stoneware...for the Beginning Collector-No PIC Stewart and Cosentino SC1281ST1977
90Digging for Bottles (childrens - signed)-No PIC Maryanne Swegles HC281ST2005
91American Antique Medicine Bottles (signed)-No PIC Matt Knapp SC2581ST2006
92Glasshouse Whimsies-No PIC Joyce E. Blake SC831ST1984
93Glasshouse Whimsies - An Enhanced Reference-No PIC Blake - Murschell SC1591ST1989
94Poisons, Drugstore & Apothecary-No PIC John Odell SC56Vol. 101997
95Sealed Bottles - Their History...-No PIC Roy Morgan SC1022ND1980
96Collecting The Cures-No PIC Bill Agee SC931ST1969
97American Stoneware Bottles- A History and Study-No PIC David Graci SC1071ST1995
98A Tennessee Legend ...Bottles and Jugs-No PIC Pat Mitchamore HC801ST1992
99Antique Bottles from the Washington, DC Area-No PIC Potomac Bottle Collectors SC1474TH2005
100Official ...Bottles Old and New-No PIC Hal L. Cohen SC3972ND1975

Fike's - Carson's bottle books---Numbers 101-108

#TitleAuthor TypePagesEditionYear
101The Bottle Book ...A Comprehensive Guide to... Richard E. Fike SC30320061987
102Early American Folk Pottery Harold F. Gulland HC w/DJ3221ST1971
103A Choice Listing of the Most... Whiskey Bottles John L. Thomas SC421ST1969
104Spirits Bottles of the Old West Bill and Betty Wilson HC1821ST1968
105Bottle Makers and Their Marks (signed) Julian Harrison Toulouse HC w/DJ6241ST1971
106Stoneware and Blue and White Pottery Antique Trader SC2881ST2005
107Dig Those Chicago Bottles (signed) Jean M. Johnson SC901ST1972
108One For a Man, Two For a Horse Gerald Carson HC w/DJ1281ST1961
109Collecting Barber Bottles-No PIC Richard Holiner HC w/DJ1271ST1986
110Big Ware Turners ...PA Stoneware (signed)-No PIC Phil Schaltenbrand SC1911ST2002
111Here's to Beers, Blob Top Beer Bottles 1880-1910-No PIC Byron & Vicky Martin SC641ST1973
112Bottled in Richmond (signed)-No PIC Vernon Grant HC3442ND2004
113Old Richmond Bottles - 1850-1941-No PIC Bonnie Greene SC281ST1971
114Bottled in Richmond (signed)-No PIC Vernon Grant HC3863RD2007
115Speas Vinegar - Bottles, Jugs, Jars, etc.-No PIC Douglas G. Hollandsworth SC241ST1994
116Bottles Identification & Price Guide-No PIC Michael Polak SC5505TH2005
117Supplement to Bitters Bottles-No PIC Richard Watson HC w/DJ1601ST1968
118The Pill Rollers-No PIC Charles & Lillian Richardson SC1853RD2003
119The Standard Old Bottle Price Guide-No PIC Carlo & Dorothy Sellari SC1751ST1989
120The Antique Bottle Collector (signed)-No PIC Grace Kendrick SC681ST1963
121Price Supplement to The Antique Bottle Collector-No PIC Grace Kendrick SC52-1967
122...Philadelphia Beer Soda and Mineral Water Dealers-No PIC Thomas P. Hallman SC691ST-
123Early... Virginia Soda Bottles 1880-1914 (signed)-No PIC Phillip & Anthony Townsend SC891ST2007
124Bottle Collector's Treasury - Classic & Common-No PIC Edwin G. Warman SC792ND1974
125Bottles... A Sampler of the Collectibles-No PIC Elmer L. Smith SC325TH1974
126The Book of Bottle Collecting-No PIC Doreen Beck HC w/DJ96NS1973
127Understanding Antique Wine Bottles-No PIC Roger Dumbrell HC w/DJ3381ST1983
128Indian Bottles & Brands-No PIC John Odell SC2421ST1997
129Saratoga & Mineral Spring Bottles-No PIC Digger Odell Pub. SC451ST2003
130Bottling Carbonated Beverages in the 1880s-No PIC Digger Odell Pub. SC691ST2003
1312001 Soda Price Guide-No PIC Digger Odell Pub. SC1191ST2001
132Digger Odell's-More Inks-No PIC John Odell SC51Vol. 111998
133Digger Odell's-Ink Bottles-No PIC John Odell SC44Vol. 41995
134Digger Odell's-Whiskeys-No PIC John Odell SC41Vol. 81995
135Digger Odell's-Barber Bottles-No PIC John Odell SC35Vol. 11995
136Digger Odell's-Black Glass-No PIC John Odell SC56Vol. 91997
137The Hedden's Store ...Proprietary Medicines (signed)-No PIC James Seeley White SC941ST1974
138The Knopf Collectors' Guides... Glass-No PIC Jane Shadel Spillman SC w/DJ480Vol. 21983
139Opal Glass Cosmetics and Drugs (signed)-No PIC Heitz and Wilbanks SC521ST1971
140Ghost Town Bottle Price Guide (signed)-No PIC Wes and Ruby Bressie SC561ST1964
141Decorated Stoneware Pottery of North America-No PIC Donald Blake Webster HC w/DJ2321ST1971
142Poison Bottle Workbook-No PIC Rudy Kuhn SC205--
143Poison Bottle Workbook II-No PIC Rudy Kuhn SC157--
144The American Poison Bottle Workbook - Price Guide-No PIC A.P.B.C.A. Binder109--
145Collector's Guide - Saratoga Type Mineral Water Bottles-No PIC Donald Tucker SC1541ST1986
146The Past in Glass (signed)-No PIC Pat & Bob Ferraro SC971ST1964
147Dig Those Crazy Bottles (signed)-No PIC Don and June Kauffman SC641ST1966
148Ghost Town Bottles of the Old West-No PIC Harvey T. Smith & Wes Bressie SC311ST1961
149Ghost Town Bottle Price Guide-No PIC Wes and Ruby Bressie SC1248TH1972
150A Very Amateur Guide to Antique Bottle Collecting-No PIC Bea Boynton SC201ST1965
151Bottles West Vol. 1-No PIC June Eastin SC631ST1965
152Bottles of Bygone Days (signed)-No PIC Donald E. Colcleaser SC921ST1965
153Bottles of Bygone Days - Part II (signed)-No PIC Donald E. Colcleaser SC581ST1966
154It's a Sarsaparilla! (signed)-No PIC Art and Jewel Umberger SC641ST1968
155Old Bottles and Ghost Towns (signed)-No PIC Adele Reed SC555TH1963
156400 Old Bottles-No PIC Helen V. Phillips SC1071ST1967
157Early American Remedies-No PIC Elmer L. Smith SC421ST1968
158A Dash of This... a Pinch of That - Sauces and Spices-No PIC Meryle Rinker SC571ST1960s
159Bottles - Yesterday's Trash Today's Treasure-No PIC Donald E. Colcleaser SC1441ST1967
160Bottle Identification-No PIC H.E. Putnam SC911ST1965
161History of Wyoming as Told in Bottles-No PIC Cheyenne Antique Bottle Club SC1221ST1973
162Bottle Talk (Blob Seals)-No PIC Adele Reed SC411ST1966
163The Bottle Trail-No PIC May Jones SC402ND1963
164The Bottle Trail - Vol. No. 2-No PIC May Jones SC361ST1962
165The Bottle Trail - Vol. No. 3-No PIC May Jones SC381ST1963
166The Bottle Trail - Vol. No. 4-No PIC May Jones SC401ST1964
167The Bottle Trail - Vol. No. 5-No PIC May Jones SC401ST1965
168The Bottle Trail - Vol. No. 6-No PIC May Jones SC421ST1966
169The Bottle Trail - Vol. No. 7-No PIC May Jones SC401ST1967
170History of the Comstock Patent Medicine Business-No PIC Robert B. Shaw SC491ST1972
171The Benign Blue Coffin ...Life Saving Bottles-No PIC Roy Morgan SC511ST1978
172A Bottle Collector's Book (signed)-No PIC Pat & Bob Ferraro SC1071ST1966
173Perfume Bottles Price Guide-No PIC Kyle Husfloen SC2871ST2008
174Hawaiian Bottles of Long Ago-No PIC Rex R. Elliott SC911ST1971
175Deadly Pleasures - British Poison Containers & Bottles-No PIC Guy Burch HC1761ST2008
176The Great Patent Medicine Era or without...-No PIC Adelaide Hechtlinger HC w/DJ2481ST1970
177Ink Bottles and Inkwells...-No PIC William E. Covill Jr. HC w/DJ4311ST1971
178Perfume, Cologne and Scent Bottles...-No PIC Jacquelyne North HC2431ST1986
179American Bottles ...Charles B. Gardner Collection-No PIC Norman C. Heckler HC w/DJ1931ST1975
180Digger Odell's-Medicines-No PIC John Odell SC90Vol. 51995
181Pottery - A Utilitarian Folk Craft-No PIC Elmer L. Smith SC328TH1972
182Antique Bottles in Colour-No PIC Edward Fletcher HC w/DJ166-1978
183English Glass Bottles for the Collector-No PIC Geoffrey Wills HC w/DJ821ST1974
184The Bottle-Collector's Guide-No PIC Geoffrey Wills HC w/DJ1041ST1977
185A Guide to Sandwich Glass... Vases, Colognes...-No PIC Barlow - Kaiser SC1301ST1987

WANTED --- The books listed below are books that we are trying to add to the library in the near future.
Please contact us if you can locate a copy and include the asking price.
We also buy antique bottle book lots (two or more), including the books above and others not listed.
Once again, please contact us if you are selling, discarding or care to donate.

Flasche, Bottle und Bouteille, Faszination eines Hohlglases Rainer Kosler HC w/DJ1998

Abbreviations --- No PIC = The books with the code at left are new to the library and photos are unavailable at this time.
Photos will follow soon.
HC = Hard cover ... SC = Soft cover ... DJ = Dust jacket ... NS = Not Stated

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