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A listing of other sources in our library. These are not for sale. Click here to view items offered for sale.

1Kovels' Dictionary of Marks-1650 to 1850KovelHB w/DJ278-1995
2Warman's Antique and Collectibles Price GuideEdit=Harry L. RinkerSB62230TH1996
3Price Guide to American Country AntiquesDon and Carol RaycraftSB2406TH1986
4Kovels' Advertising Collectibles Price ListKovelSB1601ST1986
5Old Bottle Magazine-10 issuesO-D'75--F-A and J-S'76-48-1975-6
6Collector's Guide to Country Store AntiquesDon and Carol RaycraftSB157-1987
7Antique Advertising Encyclopedia-Price GuideRay KlugHB240-1985
8Collectors Guide to Advertising CardsJim & Cathy McQuarySB122-1975
9The Padlock Collector-A Price GuideFranklin M. ArnallSB1915TH1988
10Old Bottle Magazine-Pontiled MedicinesJanuary 1980-39-1980
11A Guide Book Of United States CoinsR. S. YeomanHB25936TH1983
12A Guide Book Of United States CoinsR. S. YeomanHB27342ND1989
13Right-of-Way...Abandoned RailroadsWaldo NielsenSB124-1972
14The Postal Service Guide to US StampsUSPSSC31212TH1985
15Petretti's Soda Pop CollectiblesAllan PetrettiSC319-1996
16Petretti's Coca-Cola CollectiblesAllan PetrettiHC64810TH1997
17The Beer Can Collector's BibleJack MartellsSC1243RD1978
18Popular American MarblesDean Six, Metzler & JohnsonSC1811ST2007
19The FOHBC JournalFOHBCSC80Vol. 1 No. 11973
20The FOHBC JournalFOHBCSC48Vol. 1 No. 21973
21The FOHBC JournalFOHBCSC36Vol. 2 No. 11974
22The FOHBC JournalFOHBCSC48Vol. 2 No. 21974
23The Magical World of MarblesMarilyn BarrettHB w/DJ961ST1994
24Victorian Trade Cards - Historical Reference...Dave CheadleSB223-1996


1Samuel J. Greer Collection - Early American Medicine BottlesHarmer Rooke Galleries24411-30-88
2No. 29 - Antiquities, American Glass and BottlesHarmer Rooke Galleries803-24-88
3No. 30 - Richard Doyle Collection... Early American GlassHarmer Rooke Galleries1277-28-88
4No. 33 - Early American Bottles, Glass, Ephemera, CorkscrewsHarmer Rooke Galleries1409-27-89
5No. 35 - Selections From The Samuel J. Greer CollectionHarmer Rooke Galleries1725-3-90
6No. 37 - Important Historical Flasks, Bottles and GlassHarmer Rooke Galleries2118-12-90
7No. 39 - Important Americana, Bottles and Advertising (+ Greer)Harmer Rooke Galleries19812-17-90
8Ben Z. Swanson Collection of Important Pot LidsHarmer Rooke Galleries1865-17-90
9Berris' Collection of Antique Pot LidsHarmer Rooke Galleries1165-27-94
10William E. Groves CollectionHarmer Rooke Galleries1546-24-91
11No. 42 - Important Bottles, Glass, AmericanaHarmer Rooke Galleries1009-4-91
12No. 44 - Rose Collection-Early American Medicine BottlesHarmer Rooke Galleries9012-10-91
13No. 46 - Edwin W. Bitter CollectionHarmer Rooke Galleries963-25-92
14No. 48 - Important Bottles, Glass, AmericanaHarmer Rooke Galleries847-8-92
15No. 50 - B.J. (Skip) Jane Jr. CollectionHarmer Rooke Galleries10412-23-92
16No. 60 - Important American Bottles & GlassHarmer Rooke Galleries1002-23-94
17No. 64 - Antique Bottles, Glass, Advertising, Medical Instruments...Harmer Rooke Galleries13612-30-94
18No. 68 - Antique Bottles, Glass, Stoneware, Firearms, Pot Lids...Harmer Rooke Galleries1716-24-95
19No. 70 - Bottles, Glass, Stoneware, AdvertisingCharles G. Moore Americana, Ltd.10412-8-95
20No. 72 - Bottles, Glass, Americana, PostersCharles G. Moore Americana, Ltd.1221-24-96
21No. 74 - Bottles, Glass, Americana, Stoneware...Charles G. Moore Americana, Ltd.964-10-96
22No. 82 - Antique Bottles, Historical Flasks, Glass...Charles G. Moore Americana, Ltd.969-25-96
23No. 86 - Important Americana, Antique Bottles...Charles G. Moore Americana, Ltd.762-28-97
24No. 88 - Important Americana, Antique Bottles...Charles G. Moore Americana, Ltd.966-18-97
25The William E. Covill Collection...#680Skinner704-19-80
26Bottles, Bitters, Flasks and InksSkinner4210-12-84
27No. 7 - VariousPacific Glass Auctions91-16-94
28No. 8 - VariousPacific Glass Auctions165-15-95
29No. 9 - VariousPacific Glass Auctions2010-2-96
30No. 10 - VariousPacific Glass Auctions122-5-96
31No. 12 - Bob West CollectionPacific Glass Auctions249-16-96
32No. 17 - VariousPacific Glass Auctions446-27-98
33No. 18 - VariousPacific Glass Auctions3612-14-98
34No. 19 - VariousPacific Glass Auctions284-19-99
35No. 20 - Mike Harbarth CollectionPacific Glass Auctions688-16-99
36No. 21 - VariousPacific Glass Auctions2812-6-99
37No. 22 - VariousPacific Glass Auctions284-24-00
38No. 23 - VariousPacific Glass Auctions289-29-00
39No. 25 - VariousPacific Glass Auctions386-8-01
40No. 27 - VariousPacific Glass Auctions382-28-02
41No. 9 - Flasks & GlassGlass Works Auctions646-15-88
42No. 15 - Bottles, Flasks, Shaving Mugs & Glass CanesGlass Works Auctions885-24-90
43No. 27 - A Fall Offering of Over 900Glass Works Auctions12011-16-92
44No. 28 - Dan Murphy Collection, BittersGlass Works Auctions362-10-93
45No. 29 - Western Round-up #2, Bottles - FlasksGlass Works Auctions1444+5-93
46No. 30 - Early Bottles, Flasks, and Related ItemsGlass Works Auctions248-7-93
47No. 32 - Bottles, Flasks, Blown Glass, Advertising...Glass Works Auctions14010-13-93
48No. 33 - Western Round-up #3, The 1993 Connoisseur SaleGlass Works Auctions5611-3-93
49No. 39 - 600 Bottles, Flasks, StonewareGlass Works Auctions927-31-95
50No. 44 - Approx. 900 BottlesGlass Works Auctions1409-96
51No. 45 - Approx. 1000 BottlesGlass Works Auctions14211-96
52No. 46 - Approx. 850 BottlesGlass Works Auctions1203-97
53No. 47 - Approx. 1150 BottlesGlass Works Auctions1656-97
54No. 54 - 1200 Bottles, Flasks, Stoneware, Barber ShopGlass Works Auctions15810-18-99
55No. 56 - Dr. Burton Spiller CollectionGlass Works Auctions745-15-00
56No. 58 - 700 Bottles, Flasks, Barber ShopGlass Works Auctions9211-13-00
57No. 59 - Beat the Winter BoredomsGlass Works Auctions1013-01
58No. 60 - Offering Over 550 early American Bottles, FlasksGlass Works Auctions666+7-01
59No. 63 - Offering Over 800 early American Bottles, FlasksGlass Works Auctions927-02
60No. 65 - The Spring CollectionsGlass Works Auctions10605-19-03
61No. 70 - 71 The Collections AuctionGlass Works Auctions1228+9-04
62No. 72 - The Christmas Comes Early AuctionGlass Works Auctions8211-15-04
63No. 74 - The Summer Sizzler AuctionGlass Works Auctions9006-20-05
64No. 75 - The Best of 2005Glass Works Auctions11410-17-05
65No. 88 - The Ides of March AuctionGlass Works Auctions6103-15-10
66No. 1 - The John & Catherine Moore Family CollectionAmerican Glass Gallery2211-17-08
67No. 2 - Auction Number TwoAmerican Glass Gallery3305-18-09
68No. 3 - Auction Number ThreeAmerican Glass Gallery3311-16-09
69No. 5 - Auction Number FiveAmerican Glass Gallery4211-15-10
70No. 6 - Auction Number SixAmerican Glass Gallery426-15-11
71No. 7 - Auction Number SevenAmerican Glass Gallery4211-15-11
72No. 8 - Auction Number EightAmerican Glass Gallery425-23-12
73Auction 24 - SAXE CollectionGlass International323-22-12
74Auction 26 - SAXE Collection Part IIGlass International3612-1+6-12
75The Bryan Grapentine Collection - Part IIAmerican Bottle Auctions448-20-07
76Auction 44American Bottle Auctions283-23-08
77Auction 45American Bottle Auctions288-19-08
78Auction 46American Bottle Auctions301-13-09
79Auction 47American Bottle Auctions455-6-09
80Auction 48American Bottle Auctions448-20-09
81Auction 49American Bottle Auctions441-18-10
82Auction 50American Bottle Auctions445-24-10
83Auction 51American Bottle Auctions5211-4-10
84Auction 52American Bottle Auctions445-15-11
85Auction 53American Bottle Auctions2810-8-11
86Auction 54American Bottle Auctions3312-18-11
87Auction 55American Bottle Auctions454-29-12
88Auction 56American Bottle Auctions458-26-12
89Auction 57American Bottle Auctions453-3-13
90Auction 59American Bottle Auctions451-19-14
91Auction 60American Bottle Auctions457-20-14
92Glass Discoveries' Sale #61Glass Discoveries10011-10-09
93Glass Discoveries' Sale #62Glass Discoveries1903-10
94Auction 8 - Expo '92Norman C. Heckler & Co.664-6-91
95Auction 12 - Expo '92Norman C. Heckler & Co.208-7-92
96Auction 35Norman C. Heckler & Co.486-1-96
97Auction 59Norman C. Heckler & Co.2811-20-02
98Auction 76Norman C. Heckler & Co.1611-16-05
99Auction 80Norman C. Heckler & Co.168-20-06
100Auction 81Norman C. Heckler & Co.1611-15-06
101Auction 82Norman C. Heckler & Co.163-14-07
102Auction 83Norman C. Heckler & Co.166-13-07
103Auction 84Norman C. Heckler & Co.1610-31-07
104Auction 85Norman C. Heckler & Co.163-12-08
105Auction 87Norman C. Heckler & Co.166-10-09
106Auction 88Norman C. Heckler & Co.1610-28-09
107Auction 89Norman C. Heckler & Co.163-31-10
108Auction 90Norman C. Heckler & Co.1610-27-10
109Auction 91Norman C. Heckler & Co.233-30-11
110Auction 92Norman C. Heckler & Co.275-18-11
111Auction 93Norman C. Heckler & Co.279-14-11
112Auction 94Norman C. Heckler & Co.1310-8-11
113Auction 95-96Norman C. Heckler & Co.5210-19-11
114Auction 98Norman C. Heckler & Co.303-21-12
115Auction 99Norman C. Heckler & Co.283-30-12
116Auction 100Norman C. Heckler & Co.3210-17-12
117Auction 101Norman C. Heckler & Co.2611-14-12
118Auction 102Norman C. Heckler & Co.322-6-13
119Auction 106Norman C. Heckler & Co.3211-13-13
120Auction 108Norman C. Heckler & Co.173-26-14
121Auction 115Norman C. Heckler & Co.179-24-14

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